Ability Tree First Coast is a volunteer-driven organization. We envision individuals and families impacted by disability being accepted and supported in their local communities, feeling included in their neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and churches.   

Fulfilling our vision involves people who are compassionate and willing to give of their time and serve on a team. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, please take a few minutes to complete our Volunteer Application, and you will be contacted by a representative from Ability Tree First Coast.


Attention High Schoolers and College Students!

YOU CAN EARN COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS! We are a nonprofit agency, which means volunteering with ATFC is a win-win-win! You get service hours, ATFC gets high energy volunteers like yourself, and the greatest win is our ATFC families getting the R.E.S.T. they need!!


Volunteer Opportunities

  • TRIM THE TREE FOR ABILITY TREE: We need 10+ volunteers for this event. Please click on the SignUp icon to go directly to the sign up list for more details.Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp.com


  • Event & Fundraising Committee: Are you a “behind the scenes” kind of person? Then you can help with the planning involved. Are you a “Type-A” personality? Then you can help keep the group stay on task. Are you outgoing? Then you can help get the word out and get others to want to support us. Are you someone who’s good with finances? Then you can help the team decide what funds to pursue. Are you creative? Then you can help the team plan creative fundraisers other than the usual.

In order for us to make our programs and activities free or at a reduced rate for our ATFC families, we need to raise funds to offset the costs. We are currently seeking volunteers of various ages (age 18+), professions, skills, and interests. We feel a diverse group will make a quality team. Most meetings are done via conference calls/video calls and emails. There are only a few in-person meetings each year. If you’re interested in being on the committee, click here to send us an email telling us of your interest and you will be contacted shortly.

  • Jacksonville Icemen National Hockey League fundraiser: The Jacksonville Icemen created a special link for us to use and for every ticket purchased through our link, we get a portion of the proceeds…all season long! If you can take a moment to text, send thru FB messenger, email, post on Facebook & other social media, and tell people they should go to a game or two (or all!) and use our link to buy tickets. We will be able to raise funds while giving people an opportunity to get discounted tickets to an NHL game! It’s a win-win-win! This is a really easy way to help and volunteer time. Here’s the link.
  • Hobby FUNdraiser: Do you have a hobby you are passionate about? Is it photography, fishing, golfing, gaming, baking, hiking, _____ (fill in the blank)? How about you turn that hobby into an opportunity to support a charity – like Ability Tree First Coast! Click here to find out how.
  • Parents Night Out: This is our respite night event, so parents/caregivers can drop off their child(ren) and have a night off from their responsibilities! We are looking for volunteers to make these PNO events a success! Volunteer opportunities include being a special buddy (paired up 1:1 with a child with special needs), a big buddy (paired up with siblings), the set up/tear down crew, the ‘behind the scenes’ prep crew (help with administrative prep for the night)…those are just to name a few. Click here to send us an email telling us of your interest and you will be contacted shortly.
  • Vision Night Event Coordinating: we are looking for volunteers to help plan our next Vision Night which will be happening in the fall. If you like to organize get-togethers or work behind the scenes, are crafty, are creative, have great contacts, or just willing to step in wherever needed, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to be a part of the ATFC team! Click here to send us an email telling us of your interest and you will be contacted shortly.
  • Photography and Videography Opportunity! Are you great with the camera or taking videos?! Then we have a place for you! We are needing someone (or a few someones) to volunteer to take photos and videos of our events. If interested, click here to send us an email telling us of your interest and you will be contacted shortly.